贵州茅台酒(精品),产自贵州茅台酒地理标志保护核 心产区,利用得天独厚的自然环境,以本地优质糯高 粱、小麦、水为原料,采用科学独特的贵州茅台酒传统 工艺精心酿制,以“酒勾酒”方式组合200余支不同酒 龄基酒精心勾兑而成,产品具有酱香突出、幽雅细腻、 酒体醇厚、回味悠长、空杯留香持久的典型风格。


53%vol 500ml 贵州茅台酒(精品)采用茅台经典包装 风格及红色热缩胶帽防伪技术,整体以酱色为主,黑、 白、红为辅,盒内配置说明书。酒瓶为陶瓷瓶材质,副 标题“精品”以篆体小字印章形式体现,整体更添古 朴、沉稳质感。

匠心独运,民族精品。贵州茅台酒(精品)凝聚历代酿 造者的智慧精华,铸就了一颗世代相传的茅台匠心,成 就了无与伦比的卓越品质,以“誉满京华、共享荣 耀”为主题的品饮场景,融入中华千年传统文化,饱含 时光的奥妙与悠长的韵味。

Kweichow Moutai (JingPin) is brewed in the core production area of Product of Geographical Indication-Kweichow Moutai Liquor, where there is unique natural environment and high-quality local glutinous sorghum, wheat and water. Based on the scientific and unique traditional brewing technology of Kweichow Moutai, ti has been blended many times with base liquor of different ages. Such a special way of blending liquor with liquor gathers the essence of nearly 200 zh®i base liquor, creating the outstanding, elegant and delicate soy-sauce-like aroma. It tastes mellow, with typical characteristics of Moutai such as long aftertaste and lingering aroma ni the emptied cup.
Note: © zhi si the smallest unit of Moutai base liquor used for blending.

Packing details and overall renderings

Kweichow Moutai (JingPin) is packed in the classic style of Moutai together with its instructions. The box is
mainly in soy-sauce color, supplemented by black, white and red, and red heat-shrinkable rubber cap is adopted to prevent counterfeiting. The bottle ismade of ceramics, with the lesser seal character “JingPin” highlighting its simple and elegant textures

A a rare liquor that the Chinese nation is proud of Kweichow Moutai (JingPin) embodies the wisdom of generations of brewers, inherits the unparalleled excellent quality, and is a concentrated display of the enduring ingenuity of Moutai. Corresponding to it is the drinking scene with the theme of “widely spread reputation and shared glory”, which is integrated with the traditional Chinese culture of thousands of years and saturated with the mystery and lingering charm of time.


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