Moutai Prince 53% 500ml


茅台王子 Moutai Prince

古典的東方氣質,醇和的酒體風格, 馥郁而綿長的芳香,征服年輕的味蕾

Classical Oriental Temperament, Mellow Liquor Style, As Well As Strong and Lingering Aroma, for Conquering Young Taste Buds


A Prince of Liquor for Spreading Happiness

品 鑒 記 錄

Savoring Record

酒精度:53%Vol 外觀:無色透明,清澈純粹 香氣:醬香飽滿,複合香豐富 口感:柔和細膩,清新怡人

Alcohol content: 53% Vol
Appearance: colorless, transparent, clear, and pure Aroma: rich Jiang fragrance and complex aroma Mouthfeel: mild, delicate, refreshing, and pleasant


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