Moutai Prince (Treasure) is one of the most popular varieties in the Moutai Prince series of liquors. It is second only to the Zodiac Prince within the Prince family and is on par with the Prince Heritage 1999. It is known for being easy to drink, not causing a strong buzz or dry mouth, and having a quick recovery from its effects. Among the Moutai liquor series, it can be considered a remarkable representative of the aromatic Baijiu (Chinese liquor) variety

In 2004, the “Moutai Prince (Treasure)” made its debut. Since then, The quality of “Moutai Prince” liquor has declined slightly from its original level, while the ” Moutai Prince (Treasure)” has been enhanced based on the original Prince. Its biggest flavor characteristic is its prominent sauce aroma, inheriting the excellent quality of Moutai liquor. It has a smooth and mellow taste, not spicy or overwhelming, without any off-flavors, and it goes down the throat smoothly. It has a slightly bitter aftertaste, but the aroma lingers. The Prince Liquor Treasure basically possesses the flavor of the Maotai series, and for novice liquor enthusiasts, it is sufficient to experience the rich and mellow fragrance of sauce liquor.


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