53%vol茅台王子酒(酱香经典),产自赤水河流域核心 产区(和义兴产区),利用天然独特的自然环境,以优 质糯高粱、小麦、水为原料,采用大曲酱香型白酒传统 工艺精心酿制,优选不同风格基酒以“酒勾酒”方式精 心勾兑而成,产品具有酱香突出、典雅细腻、酒体丰 满、醇厚协调、回味悠长、空杯留香持久的特点。


茅台王子酒(酱香经典)采用哑金色为主色调,酒瓶在 茅型瓶基础上,以竹节之形加高瓶底设计,寓意节节高 升,象征坚持梦想不断拼搏的自强品德

53%vol Moutai Prince (Golden Prince) is brewed in the core production area in Chishui River basin (and Yixing production area), where there is unique natural environment and high-quality local glutinous sorghum, wheat and water. Based on the traditional brewing technology of Daqu liquor with soy-sauce-like aroma, it has been blended with base liquor of different flavors. Such a special way of blending liquor with liquor creates the outstanding, elegant and delicate soy-sauce-like aroma. It tastes mellow, with typical characteristics of Moutai such as long
aftertaste and lingering aroma in the emptied cup.

Packing details and overall renderings

The packaging of Moutai Prince (Classic Soy-sauce-like Aroma) is mainly in elegant dark gold, which is an innovation based on the classic bottle shape of Moutai, integrating youth and introversion, tradition and fashion, and nobility and elegance. The unique charm of the combination of vigor, brilliance and bravery is a tribute to the spirit of the strivers who are brave to take on the responsibility and the original intention of striving to forge ahead

Taking “struggle” as its cultural core, Moutai Prince (Golden Prince) continues to use and expand the brand effect of Moutai Soy-sauce-like Aroma Series. It embodies the struggle culture of Moutai and the enterprising spirit that wil never go out of style.


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