Kweichow Moutai Chiew(Flying Fairy) 53% 500ml


53%vol贵州茅台酒(经典),产自贵州茅台酒地理标志 保护核心产区,利用得天独厚的自然环境,以本地优质 糯高粱、小麦、水为原料,采用科学独特的贵州茅台酒 传统工艺精心酿制,以“酒勾酒”方式组合近200支不 同酒龄基酒精心勾兑,历经五年而成,产品具有酱香突 出、幽雅细腻、酒体醇厚、回味悠长、空杯留香持久的 典型风格。

飞天茅台酒 53%是貴州茅台的主導產品,其醬香突出,幽雅細膩,酒體醇 厚,回味悠長,空杯留香持久,是中國醬香型白酒的經典之作,多次 榮膺國際大獎。這款酒品最大的特質是飲後不上頭、不口乾,貯藏數 年後酒質更加出眾,因歲月而更增馥郁芬芳。

Feitian Moutai 53% Vol is the leading product of Kweichow Moutai and a classic of Chinese Jiang fragrance liquor. Featuring prominent Jiang fragrance, elegant, delicate, mellow, long aftertaste, and lasting empty-cup fragrance, the 53% Vol Feitian Moutai has won many international awards. This liquor has several topmost features: no hangover or dry mouthfeel after drinking; its quality will be more outstanding if further preserved for several years and its aroma gets stronger and stronger over the years.

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