Wuliangye Jinbishengyan 52% 500ml



Wuliangye is a Chinese baijiu that made from proso millet, maize, glutinous rice, long-grain rice, and wheat. The formula was at least created in the Ming dynasty. However the name wuliangye was created in 1905. Since 1959 the formula was nationalized and standardized. 

Wuliangye liquor has been ranking top liquor of China for over ten years. ‬Wuliangye is the aggregate of the quintessence of the heaven‭, ‬the earth and the human‭. ‬ ‬Brewed with 5‭ ‬choice grains including broomcorn‭, ‬glutinous rice‭, ‬rice‭, ‬wheat and corn‭, ‬by adopting traditional techniques‭, ‬Wuliangye liquor is uniquely characterized by‭ “‬lasting aroma‭,‬‭ ‬mellow and luscious taste‭, ‬harmonious and just-right flavor‭”, ‬which enables it to be super eminent among the liquor products of today‭。

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